A Theory Of Civilisation
by P Atkinson (February, 2011)

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This is a simple explanation of civilisation, human communities and the nature of understanding, which explains human history, its present and its future; and is the result of the study of the changes overtaking our community circa 2000, see:

A Study Of Our Decline
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It improves our understanding of ourselves by revealing that: —

→ a civilisation is a dominant community;
→ a community is a shared understanding, which is expressed in a unique language;
→ all understanding is founded upon a morality, which dictates sanity or insanity.

An achievement that also clarifies the nature of Philosophy, reconciles Science and Religion and reveals the Meaning of Life

Why should I care if my civilisation is declining?

♦ How would I know if my civilisation was declining?

How can a declining civilisation be saved?

♦ And what is Political Correctness?

♦ Test the theory by visiting Toastmasters and judge my claims yourself.

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